LTJ Roofing has been building relationships with some of the top roofing manufacturers in the nation. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to find a roofing product that works best for their roofing project and budget. Here are a few of LTJ Roofing’s featured manufacturers:

Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been a leading manufacturer of shingles for the residential roofing market. Since inventing glass fiber during the 1970s, it has become the material standard for shingles, and is used by most shingle manufacturers. The fiberglass composition of roof shingles plays an important role in protecting homes from moisture and other weather-related elements.

Every shingle Owens Corning make combines consistent quality with long-lasting beauty and maximum protection. Performance is at the heart of every Owens Corning roofing product.

Duro-Last Roofing Systems

The Duro-Last prefabricated single-ply roofing system is ideal for virtually any commercial or industrial, flat or low-sloped application.

The highly-reflective white membrane delivers real energy cost savings for building owners and managers.

Extremely durable and easily installed without disruption to daily operations, the Duro-Last Roofing System is also leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.

Astec Insulating Coatings

Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems can restore metal, asphalt, mod-bit, and single-ply roofing systems. Their elastomeric products and systems provide seamless waterproof and weather-tight barriers, as well as offering high reflectivity and dissipation of heat, all while reducing UV light degradation. Astec membranes can add advantages to any substrate and can lead to maintenance and energy cost reductions.

ER Systems

ER Systems is a national leader in cool roof coating technology and a strong supporter of sustainable and renewable building technologies.

ER Systems highly reflective roof coatings and membranes are Energy Star certified, meet LEED requirements and have been used to restore millions of square feet of metal, BUR, single-ply membrane and foam roofing systems.

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